We are the one-stop structural steel detailing & engineering solutions provider

Our team consists of intellectual steel detailers led by the industry’s best technical experts.We consider our clients as our partners, and our fundamental goal is to offer a one-stop steel detailing solution that takes care of Fabricator’s every need.

We regularly receive feedback from our partners and improve our performance, and also make the output perfect for each of our fabricators based on their internal design and set-up guidelines.

Mission, Vision, Values

We are serving worldwide and have years of expertise in handling a wide range of detailing projects

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the process of steel detailing, improve the efficiency of the teams, and offer space for continual improvement and constant innovations.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the best steel detailing company in the world in 2025 by implementing our foundational principle “Tharam’Avatar”.

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Our Values

Customer Success, Team Spirit, On-time Delivery, Successful Execution, Increased Efficiency, Detailing Expertise, Resolving Complexities, Team Spirit.

About Maestro

We are serving fabricators worldwide and have expanded our global presence through our excellence and reputation. We are located in North America and offer steel detailing services all over the world, including Canada and the USA.We specialized in offering precise structural steel drawings, shop drawings, miscellaneous steel detailed drawings, estimation, and framing plans.

With our strong team of drafters, detailers, and checkers, we can successfully handle a wide range of simple to complex projects. Among the structural steel detailing fraternity, Maestro has reached a remarkable place through exceptional customer support, promising quality, and timely delivery. Maestro an expertise driven by passion and quality in providing end-to-end engineering solutions to the fabricators worldwide.

About Maestro Steel Detailing



Our Licensed platforms include Tekla and SDS/2. Our key management personnel are PMP and NISD certified. Our management team has an overall 75 years of combined experience in steel detailing, field erection, and other related fields.

We incorporated the “Follow the Sun support model” and offer 24/7 dedicated support to our clients. Our dedicated team provides customized solutions tailored to meet the standards and preferences of each fabricator. We armed with a highly motivated and energetic team with a common goal of providing excellent and committed customer service.

We will exceed your expectations with our excellence

We successfully handled a wide-variety of challenging projects with our years of proven experience